Heart disease and stroke is the number one cause of death worldwide.

Atherosclerosis (“hardening of the arteries”) is a progressive disease that gradually destroys our blood vessels over decades, leading to chronic disease, frailty and death.

Heart disease is not a disease of the elderly

Atherosclerotic disease can start in our 20’s and gradually diminish the various and miraculous functions of our blood vessels, ultimately leading to heart disease and stroke. What we think of as a disease of the elderly is really the end product of a decades-long disease process. 

There are many ways to decrease risk

We now have a large arsenal of tools, from lifestyle changes and natural supplements to pharmaceuticals, to help prevent damage to our blood vessels and, in some cases, reverse the harm that has been done. 

Heart disease can be prevented

One of the greatest challenges in preventing heart disease is detecting who is at risk. Fortunately, we have a variety of techniques to determine the presence of disease and its progression. 

Let us partner with you to optimize your health

Our goal is to make sure you understand how to optimize your health at every decade of life. It’s never too late to take action. Contact us to see if we can help.

Living longer means knowing more

Maintaining good health is about knowing where you are and where you are going. We can help you navigate.

How Can We Help You?

We are happy to meet you where you are. Do you need a copilot or just direction? We can offer both!

Elevated Cholesterol

Statin Intolerance

Diet-Induced High Cholesterol

Elevated Triglycerides

Lp (a) Elevation

Metabolic Syndrome

Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
Coronary Calcium Scan
Lab Interpretation
Advanced Lipid Testing
Genetic Testing
Non-pharmacologic Treatment for High Cholesterol

How It Works

Make An Appointment

Make a telemedicine appointment on the “Book Appointment” page and select the kind of visit you would like.

You’ll receive a link to create your electronic medical records account and be able to upload any labs or results you would like to discuss. 

During The Visit

Get comfortable! Since all our appointments are virtual, there’s no driving, traffic or parking to deal with. Grab some coffee (or tea!)  and let’s discuss your health and goals for the future.

After The Visit

Review the details of your visit at your leisure – the summary will be available in your account.

If you had any labs ordered, you can either make an appointment with the concierge phlebotomist or visit your local draw station. 

You’ll receive your results in about 5-7 business days. 

The key to longevity is not a magical supplement but consistently addressing the body’s basic needs.  

Patient Reviews

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our patients say:

Very impressed. I’ve never had a doctor visit where I’ve been asked so many questions and was able to truly explain my medical history and my health goals. It was honestly refreshing.

John W.

Santa Barbara, CA

Dr. Winiarski is the best doctor! He is VERY in-tune to how the entire body works and what the latest science is for treatments. I have been going to him for years and can honestly say no doctor has his level of attention to detail and insight into treatment options.

Eugene O.

Atlanta, GA

I would ONLY recommend this doctor for people looking for nice, friendly, intelligent and caring doctor.

Becca B.

Brooklyn, NY

Dr Winiarski, was thoughtful, knowledgeable and deliberate in his delivery of information. I came to him after a cardiologist told me.. that I would have a heart attack in 10 years – 95%. Steven helped me understand its true meaning based on all factors. I told him that the cardiologist used some computer tool, Steven sent me a picture of the tool, then explained it very differently. God Bless You, Dr Winiarski.

Thomas M.

San Diego, CA

Awesome doctor. He is quite possibly the best doctor I have seen. He actually listens to you and tries to help. Wonderful bedside manner as well as personality.

Jonathan E.

San Francisco, CA

I haven’t had a doctor listen to me that well in a long time (or really ever). That really stood out to me along with his breadth of knowledge with my issues and his desire to help with nutritional guidance as well. I would highly recommend him and already have to family friends.

Meg R.

Atlanta, GA

Young, smart doctor. I really liked him. I saw him yesterday and I thought he took his time (more than 45 minutes), really understood the issue, and gave me the best possible advice. He is personable, knowledgable, no bs, ethical guy.

Bora O.

San Francisco, CA

Dr. Winiarski took the time to listen to me and provided me with information and goals that complimented and added to the plan I had been prescribed by my endocrinologist. I feel that I am in good hands.

Walter K.

Atlanta, GA

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